Here at we have been selling genuine tongkat ali root since 2014. However, not everyone who wants to use tongkat ali is willing to go through the process of preparing his or her own extract. Quite a number of people prefer a ready-made, ready to use product.

After we have been asked for years whether we could also ship capsules, we have now partnered with Sumatra Pasak Bumi ( to resell a selection of their well-established aphrodisiacs.

The items available through us are:

The ultimate trial set

Thai tongkat ali - butea superba formula in capsules

Thai tongkat ali / butea superba combination sets

Thai 1:200 tongkat ali extract, 300 mg capsules

Butea superba extract 1:120, 300 mg capsules

Kaempferia parviflora extract 1:30, 300 mg capsules

If you visit our website to purchase tongkat ali roots, these are still available. See here.